We are very pleased and proud to present you the result of our diligent work and preparations – our own brand Mergel.

Our family has been involved in the leather manufacturing process for decades and represents men’s best values unified in the hearts of our hard-working dads and sons.

We are the third generation working with leather and it is our highest responsibility to treat with respect our family’s postulates.

Now, we feel like it is time to breathe new life into our family business by expressing our love to leather in producing our own leather goods. We are ready to contribute our comprehensive expertise and knowledge into creating a truly timeless masterpiece. This, combined with passion to never stop perfecting the perfect helps us to offer you an exclusive product.

Because it is not only about our favourite job and hobby. It’s about dignity. It’s about history and tradition. It’s about that smell… the smell of leather.

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Together Everyone Achieves More


30 years working experience at a tannery


since 1992 owner of the tannery where his father worked


continues family business and enriches it by his young generation vision

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