Beschreibung zum "Knife bag, PREMIUM QUALITY LEATHER, in crazy walnut"

As with any of our products, we not only wanted to create a practical piece, but also one that would also highlight the style of its owner. Because who said that you shouldn’t look stylish while grilling or in your free time? So, if already, then already. You are already used to the fact that each of our products is made from high-quality, ecological and LWG-certified full leather, which comes from our family-run leather factory and is carefully selected for you. It goes without saying that it is the same with our knife pouch. This is made by hand and includes space for three chef’s knives, a grinder and a thermometer or other accessories. The quiver for the knives can be used universally – knives with a total length of up to 37 cm fit in. Although the real leather itself is a very strong and robust material, we have covered the inside of each quiver with a special aramid fabric to offer you even better protection against cuts and thus ensure that your knife pocket can be used for as long as possible. In addition, the quivers are created in such a way that the knives (even the smaller ones) stick firmly in the quivers and the knife pocket can easily be rolled up. Furthermore, with our knife cover you finally get a safe and comfortable way to put the chef’s knives in and out – these are put into the quiver with the sharp blade facing down, and not the other way around, which offers ideal protection against injuries. Specially created as a knife roll (leather), our knife bag can be quickly rolled up and down and is very compact and easy to carry. In addition to their unusual style, our chef’s knife pockets are also available in seven different colors, which are matched to the seven colors of our long grill aprons. So you don’t have to look far to find out which exhibition bag design goes with your grill apron – you can purchase both perfectly coordinated from us. Our knife cover for chef’s knives can also be bought as a gift to your loved ones. With such a knife guard, even your highest quality knives will stay sharp for a long time. We have thought through every little detail here, from the seams to the size and workmanship. The use of an exclusive leather knife bag is always a statement about yourself and your great love for the art of grilling.
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